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In the heart of the largest historic center in Europe, in a location with a unique atmosphere where history, art, and design come together.

The Hotellerie b&b in Palermo is a place designed to offer the best possible hospitality. The suites are built inside the ancient Arab walls that have protected the city since the 9th century, more precisely in the walls of the Foro Italico on top of which there is the “Walk of the cattive”.
The structure overlooks the sea, near Porta Felice which is the historic access to the Cassaro, now Corso Vittorio Emanuele.
Behind it lies the historic district of Kalsa which once housed the Emir's citadel and which today offers countless sites to visit. The Church of Santa Maria dello Spasimo, the Church of the Martorana, or Palazzo Abatellis and Fontana Pretoria are just a few examples.
Born with the desire to transfer the hospitality that has always distinguished the people of Palermo, The Hotellerie b&b aims to build in each guest little precious memories to take with them, of a city that Goethe called "the most beautiful place in the world".

Common Areas

The interiors are furnished with taste, extravagance, and an immediately perceptible love for the restoration and recovery of old relics.
The furnishings reflect the spirit of an attentive to details management, modern and traditional at the same time, just like Palermo is.


You could stay several times by changing suites, each time experiencing the illusion of being elsewhere.
Each room differs from the other in size, colors, furnishings, and exposure. The services, on the other hand, remain identical, so that each guest can enjoy the same comforts.


Extra Services


The Poetic Line of Sculpture

The L'Hotellerie hosts the permanent exhibition of the artist Luigi Colajanni.